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Lake Superior at Sunrise

January 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Lake Superior at SunriseLake Superior at SunriseLake Superior at Sunrise (Nikon D800, w/16-35mm lens, long exposure)

“A thrill of hope- the weary world rejoices, for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.” 

"Oh, Holy Night" – Cappeau/Dwight

As the new year begins, I want to share with you one of my favorite (only) images from 2015.  I bring this to you from Union Bay on Lake Superior, just outside the Porcupine Mountains State Park in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  I awoke early on a late July morning, grabbed a light jacket to stave off the chilly dawn and made my way alone down the short path from the campground to the shore.  Although I enjoy the solitude and the process of preparing for the sunrise, I also feel it’s a shame that more people don’t experience this.

A little secret

Let me share a secret with you: I’m not really a morning person- not without a few cups of coffee, anyway.  In a prior job I embraced this, working late nights and weekends.  I didn’t have to get up early, and in fact usually didn’t leave my apartment until the sun went down.  I spent about six straight months literally living in darkness, through a cold Chicago winter.  I didn’t mind at first, but with each passing night, the weight of that darkness bore down on me until I wondered if I would ever see the day again.

Maybe you have worked nights and know exactly what I am describing.  Maybe you have been through pain, sadness, or depression that felt like this.  You, too, know exactly what I am describing.

In this experience, the words of the hymn “Oh, Holy Night” became very real to me.  The first verse gives a beautiful illustration of Christ’s incarnation as the dawn of the day we were always intended to live.  “Long lay the world in sin and error pining till He appeared and the soul felt its worth.”  Until you have experienced darkness that will not end, it is difficult to grasp the thrill of hope that comes when dawn breaks in a new day.  Once you have seen and felt it, you cannot forget it.

With all this in mind, I experience the sunrise.  I long for it.  I wake up for it.  Hope breaks over the horizon and fills my soul as glorious golden rays arc across the sky.  In the new year, I pray that you might experience and know this wonder.


We hope to experience the thrill of bringing a child home through adoption this year.  Proceeds from sales of this work and others in my “Photos for Grace” gallery will go a long way toward making that a reality.




Many Thanks!

January 02, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Many Thanks!Many Thanks!Many Thanks!

Thank you!

...and in case I need to say it again, "Thank you!"

Thank you everyone for a fantastic 2014!

In the last year, you more than tripled my fan base on Facebook and helped my photography reach thousands of people!  Every like, comment, and share has reaffirmed what I'm trying to do with my photography.  In addition, your purchases have already generated more than $300 for our family's adoption fund in less than two months.  Thank you!

Looking Ahead

As I look ahead to 2015, I'm not sure what to expect, but I'm grateful for your support and feedback.  While 2014 gave me a chance to spread my wings a bit further, I think the next year will probably include more local and weekend projects.  Most surprising to me is that a sunrise over Lake Michigan, taken just a few miles from home, proved to be one of my top photos from the whole year.  I'll be looking to do some more of that.  I also plan to provide more insight on how to fit photography into a busy schedule, and how to make the most of both shooting and editing time.


Once again, thank you for a tremendous year!


Black Friday and Small Business Saturday

November 21, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Black Friday Camera Advice

Over the last year, I posted a couple of entries here regarding my advice for purchasing cameras and other gear.  As Black Friday (or Thursday, or whatever day they're starting this year) approaches, take a look at them so that you're prepared for the sales, knowing in advance what you want-- or don't want-- to buy.

Three tips on how to choose a new camera

Is there a single "best" lens for photographing landscapes?

Small Business Saturday

Everyone knows about Black Friday, but the following day is Small Business Saturday, a great opportunity to remind you that the best gifts this season may not be in the big box stores.  As a small business owner, I appreciate that you take the time to enjoy my photography and read my blog.  Especially this year, I invite you to browse my online catalog and purchase one of my prints, knowing that the proceeds will go directly toward our adoption fees.


Thanks for looking,


Photos for Grace

November 10, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

The Hoskinsons are adopting!

To be more precise, after years of prayer and discussion, we are moving forward and have started the process of adoption.

Rather than commandeering this website to keep our family and friends updated, we launched the Hoskinson Family website.  Please head over there and sign up to receive updates on our journey.

Photos for Grace

So what does this have to do with Live In Contrast Photography?

Several years ago, our son began praying for a "baby sister named Grace."  His prayer has evolved to include a brother, sister, or even twins, but the name of "Grace" stuck with us.  Not only have we prayed for "Grace" with a capital "G,"  we long for our family to be filled with grace-- small "g." 

While I have offered my photos for sale as gallery prints through this website, starting today, all of these photos are for Grace.  That is, the proceeds from that gallery will go to fund our adoption.  When our adoption if fully funded, I will continue to use this gallery to give toward other adoptions and keep the ball rolling.

If you've considered purchasing prints from me, there is literally no better time than now.  Your purchase will help our family move forward and build our family through adoption.  Click on "Photos for Grace" in the top menu to view the gallery and get started.

Thanks for looking, and thanks for your support!


The Old Barn

November 05, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


You can't always get what you want

For the last few weeks, I have tried to capture fall colors, and each time I have come up short.  However, by keeping my eyes open I managed to find something completely different on a cold, rainy morning.

GPS saves the day!

I spotted this while driving west on the highway and quickly dropped a pin on my GPS so that I could find it on my return trip.  If I hadn't done this, I probably wouldn't have been able to navigate back to it again.

Even after finding it the second time, I had to think creatively to get to the right spot.  I also paid attention to line myself up carefully in order to shoot straight through the barn doors.  I had a few off to either side, and it just didn't look right.

I think what works for me is that the final image is almost exactly what I saw when I drove past the scene.  It's definitely my style- a simple image of isolation and age.

I added this and a vertical black and white version of the scene to my photo gallery.  I have an important change coming to that gallery in the next few weeks that you won't want to miss.


Thanks for looking,


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